Performance, 29 April 2014

Performance, 29 April 2014

Performance, 29 April 2014, featuring Julia Bray

'Earth (lawn mower)', Snapper lawn mower, video and sound of me mowing my parents' lawn, speaker, 84 x 84 inches

'Water (dresser and suitcase)', Dresser, suitcase, memorabilia, 84 x 84 inches

'Air (wooden table and two chairs)', Wooden table and two chairs, 84 x 84 inches

'Fire (light and sound)', PA system, 2 powered speakers, 2 record players, 3 speakers, 2 LED color lights, 1 CD player, 5 cassette tape players, 1 iPod shuffle, various cables, 3 bells, 2 small winds chimes, 1 radio alarm clock, 1 mixer, wooden flute, maracas, head lamp, 84 x 84 inches

'Aether (the fifth element)', 6 stacked buckets, 10 wiffle balls, trash bag, tape, 84 x 84 inches

'STOP ...', Graphite on Bristol Vellum, mounted on Masonite, 102 x 264 x 1.5 inches

'R.WHY-B', Watercolor and photograph on fine art photo paper, 33 x 44 inches

'The Multi-Verses 1 & 2', Graphite, watercolor, gouache, pencil, oil, and acrylic paint on fine art photo paper, 30 x 49.5 inches

'a still life with flowers (painting in wooden frame)', one story, painting, wooden frame, 12.5 x 14.5 inches

'the ocean and the mirror (painting and mirror)', one story, one painting of the ocean at sunset, one wooden framed mirror, 28.5 x 60.5 inches

'THE AMAZING WAY TO DO ANYTHING', Video, Video by: David Riley & Dawn Kasper, Editing by: David Riley, Featuring:Julia Bray, and Whiskey-Night sounds by Dawn Kasper, Christy Gast, and Felicia Carlisle, 13:30- minute HD video 32" flat screen monitor, media player SD card

Dawn Kasper

& sun & or THE SHAPE OF TIME

April 29—June 01, 2014