Charles Mayton, 'Untitled', (2014), Oil on canvas, 56 x 44 inches

Hans-Christian Lotz, 'Rain Over Water', (2012/ 2014), Aluminum, safety glass, glue, treated pig brain, RFID chip, PCB 163 x 98.5 x 2 cm

Lucy Dodd, 'The Sprout of Mother Bub's Spout' (2014), 50's dirt, graphite, scoby, charcoal, kukicha, tempera, and mixed pigments on canvas, 95 x 95 inches

Israel Lund, 'Untitled', (2014), Acrylic on canvas, 88 x 68 inches

Charles Mayton

Hans-Christian Lotz

Israel Lund

Lucy Dodd

December 03—07, 2014