Dawn Kasper

Four Scores (From Zero to Nothing)

November 16, 2018 - January 6, 2019

Opening reception and performance:
November 16th, 6-8pm
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  • Dawn Kasper
    Four Scores (From Zero to Nothing)
    David Lewis, New York
    November 16, 2018—January 06, 2019



  • Israel Lund, Lucy Dodd, Mary Beth Edelson, Thornton Dial, Todd Gray
    Frieze London
    Regent's Park, London, United Kingdom


    October 04—07, 2018
  • Barbara Bloom, Charles Mayton, Greg Parma Smith, Israel Lund, Lucy Dodd, Mary Beth Edelson, Thornton Dial, Alex Mackin Dolan, Megan Marrin, Todd Gray
    EXPO Chicago
    Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

    Booth 238

    September 27—30, 2018
  • Megan Marrin
    Basel, Switzerland

    Stand 0/9/3

    June 11—17, 2018
  • Barbara Bloom
    Frieze New York
    Randall's Island, NY

    Booth D35

    May 03—06, 2018
  • Dawn Kasper, Lucy Dodd
    Art Basel Miami Beach

    Booth N20

    December 07—10, 2017
  • Israel Lund, Jared Madere
    FIAC 2017
    Paris, France

    Booth 1.G13

    October 19—22, 2017
  • Mary Beth Edelson
    Frieze London 2017
    Sex Work: Feminist Art & Politics
    Curated by Alison Gingeras

    Booth S2

    October 05—08, 2017
  • Barbara Bloom, Sean Paul
    EXPO Chicago
    September 13—17, 2017
  • Jared Madere, Jeffrey Joyal, Greg Parma Smith
    LISTE - Art Fair Basel
    Basel, Switzerland
    June 13—18, 2017
  • Dawn Kasper
    Frieze New York 2017
    May 05—07, 2017
  • Barbara Bloom
    Independent New York 2017
    March 02—05, 2017
  • Alex Mackin Dolan, Barbara Bloom, Israel Lund, Jared Madere, Hans-Christian Lotz, Sean Paul
    UNTITLED San Francisco
    January 13—15, 2017
  • Charles Mayton, Jared Madere, Viola Yeşiltaç
    NADA Miami
    December 01—04, 2016
  • Lucy Dodd
    Frieze London 2016
    October 06—09, 2016
  • Alex Mackin Dolan, Dawn Kasper, Hans-Christian Lotz, Jared Madere
    David Lewis
    LISTE Art Fair, Basel, CH
    June 14—19, 2016
  • Israel Lund
    Frieze Art Fair, New York
    May 05—08, 2016
  • Jared Madere, Charles Mayton, Greg Parma Smith
    Independent 2016, New York
    March 03—06, 2016
  • Alex Mackin Dolan, Greg Parma Smith, Jared Madere, Jeffrey Joyal
    NADA Miami
    December 03—05, 2015
  • Lucy Dodd
    LISTE Art Fair, Basel
    June 16—21, 2015
  • Greg Parma Smith
    MiArt 2105, Milan
    April 12, 2015


  • Dawn Kasper
    Four Scores (From Zero to Nothing), Performance with Zeena Parkins
    David Lewis, New York
    December 21, 2018
  • Mary Beth Edelson
    Nobody Messes with Her
    Kunsthalle Münster, Münster, Germany
    December 15—March 10, 2018
  • Dawn Kasper
    Four Scores (From Zero to Nothing), Performance with Jeff Preiss
    David Lewis, New York
    December 14, 2018
  • Dawn Kasper
    Four Scores (From Zero to Nothing), Performance with Andrew Lampert
    David Lewis, New York
    November 30, 2018
  • Dawn Kasper
    Four Scores (From Zero to Nothing), Opening Performance with James Krone
    David Lewis, New York
    November 16, 2018
  • Dawn Kasper
    9 Art Events to Attend in New York City This Week
    November 12, 2018
  • Barbara Bloom
    Riddles for Minds and Bodies
    Art in America
    by Bean Gilsdorf
    November 2018
  • Reconnecting with the World: About the Poetic in Elements and Materials
    Lucy Dodd
    Curated by Franziska Nori
    Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Germany

    with Hicham Berrada and Sam Falls

    October 31, 2018—January 13, 2019
  • Thornton Dial
    A History of Salvage
    The Nation
    by Barry Schwabsky
    October 18, 2018
  • Israel Lund / litüus
    Israel Lund
    Parapet Real Humans, St. Louis, MO
    October 13, 2018
  • Edge of Visibility
    Barbara Bloom
    curated by Susan Tallman
    International Print Center New York (IPCNY), NY
    October 04—December 19, 2018
  • Lucy Dodd
    Miss Mars
    Sprüth Magers, London, United Kingdom
    October 02—November 17, 2018
  • Lucy Dodd
    17 Shows You Need to See during Frieze Week in London
    by Scott Indrisek
    October 01, 2018
  • Mary Beth Edelson
    The feminist history of women artists taking nudes in nature
    by Lexi Manatakis
    September 29, 2018
  • Keren Cytter, Israel Lund at Regards,
    Contemporary Art Daily
    Ivan Dal Cin
    September 29, 2018
  • Laid Bare in the Landscape
    Mary Beth Edelson
    The Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, Nevada
    September 29, 2018—January 27, 2019
  • Thornton Dial
    Muses: Lonnie Holley on Thornton Dial, African Village in America, and Gee’s Bend Quilts
    September 24, 2018
  • Barbara Bloom
    Artists Remix and Riff Off Oberlin's Architecture
    by Sarah Rose Sharp
    September 24, 2018
  • Revelations
    Hans-Christian Lotz
    Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna, Austria, and Rome, Italy
    September 19—November 03, 2018
  • Barbara Bloom
    Barbara Bloom dissects architectural drawings at Cleveland's FRONT art festival
    The Architect's Newspaper
    by Matthew Messner
    September 18, 2018
  • Dawn Kasper
    Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
    September 15, 2018
  • Violence
    Israel Lund
    Keren Cytter / Israel Lund
    Regards, Chicago, IL
    September 14—October 27, 2018
  • Todd Gray
    How Do You Solve a Problem Like Michael Jackson?
    Office Magazine
    by John Martin Tilley
    September 06, 2018
  • Todd Gray
    Todd Gray
    by Catherine Taft
    September 01, 2018
  • Half the Picture: A Feminist Look at the Collection
    Mary Beth Edelson
    Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY
    August 23, 2018—March 31, 2019
  • Jeffrey Joyal
    Shop Talk: Making Sense of Eckhaus Latta at the Whitney
    Metropolis Magazine
    Anna Fixsen
    August 17, 2018
  • Eckhaus Latta: Possessed
    Jeffrey Joyal
    curated by Christopher Y. Lew,
    Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
    August 03—October 08, 2018
  • Forest of Visions
    Dawn Kasper
    The 25th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit & Auction, The Watermill Center, Watermill, NY
    July 28, 2018
  • Felix Bernstein and Gabe Rubin
    "Madame de Void: A Melodrama" Screening and Discussion with Jamieson Webster and Melissa Ragona
    David Lewis, New York


    July 26, 2018
  • Thornton Dial
    The Met Breuer’s Upcoming Exhibition Explores Abstract Expressionism
    Blouin Artinfo
    July 25, 2018